We are working on the future of robotics.

We develop an artificial visual cortex providing high-level contextual understanding of its surroundings in unstructured and unknown environments. Our technology enables new possibilities in the robotics field such as full autonomy, complex world representation and the understanding of objects physical properties.

Scene perception

The world is constantly moving, providing valuable information for your business. We provide tools and software to understand complex scenes and getting valuable feedback in real-time.

Human interaction

We combine state-of-the-art methods with our research to unleash the potential of computer vision for real-world human interaction and behavior understanding.

Entities understanding

The world is large and so is the number of possible projects to be developed. We're developing algorithms able to quickly adapt and understand objects and entities from various domains, even with a low amount of data.

Working with us

The technology to understand the world through vision

We’re developing computer vision algorithms able to learn with few amounts of data and unsupervised learning. It means we can quickly deploy vision systems dedicated to your business projects and learning with few labels examples. Making your vision system robust and able to adapt through time.

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The technology

We focus on what it means to see as a Human being. Thus, we take inspiration from the visual cortex to build the fundamental building blocks needed for the next robotics leap. Using bio-inspired intelligence, network fusion and self-supervised learning we’re providing quick and easy to use vision modules for the industry.

Data efficient

Most vision systems rely on a huge amount of training data to tackle a given problem. We have designed our algorithms to learn a new task as quickly as possible. We're able to address real-world issues even with small or no data using methods from self-supervised learning & meta-learning.

Efficient vision system

We're shifting the current paradigm toward a more energy-efficient yet accurate vision system based on bio-inspired mechanisms that works in the human visual cortex. Making it possible to bring state of the art vision system all the way to real-world applications.

Make your next  project a reality

Whether you’re working on robotics applications, on computer vision, in the research field or you just want to get more information about our technology. Please, feel free to contact us.

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